Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Full Phone Specifications & Review – Proving small changes create huge impact

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Xiamoi’s latest Redmi Note 4X is now here to amaze you with its brilliant specs in a very cost-effictive price.

Budget smart phones such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X are the trend of the time. After all, why you have to pay a few ten thousand when you can get something similar for a lesser price? Xiaomi, the Chinese handset maker, has been in the news since the launch of its low-cost and high-performance phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. All the flash sales conducted by Xiaomi have been a delight as none of them fell below the expectations.

Now the brand has come up with a successor to the ever-popular Redmi Note 4, which is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, officially unveiled in China in February 2017 and had launched in India in mid-March 2017.  India being one of the fastest growing Smartphone markets in the world, witnessed a surprise sale of 250,000 Redmi Note 4 units in the first flash sales.

The Redmi Note 4X is selling at $189 for 4GB RAM, 64GB. There are many significant differences from its predecessor, Redmi Note 4X has some important upgrades. Let us have a look at the details features and find out whether it is a significant upgrade to its previous model or not.


Redmi Note 4X is similar to Redmi Note 4, but it has a major upgrade regarding design. It comes with a 2.5d curved glass, which completely alters the look of the phone. It looks better and stylish and gives the feel of a premium Smartphone. The phone comes in the stylish metal body along with separation lines made of anodized aluminum. These lines having a glossy CNC finish gives a classy feel to the phone. The phone is thinner than Redmi Note 3 but is a bit heavier. Overall, it has a slimmer look, and it fits comfortably into your hands and pocket.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

The rare side of the Redmi Note 4X resembles Xiaomi Mi 5 more. Like in Redmi Note 3, the primary camera, dual tone LED flash, and the fingerprint scanner is in the same position as that of its predecessor. However, there are very tiny antenna lines running across the rear panel. The speaker position has changed to the bottom of the phone near to the USB port, and in the Redmi Note 3, it was on the bottom side of the rear panel. The antenna lines also serve to give a definition to the overall look along with providing signal reception. It does not feature any plastic body components and uses the aluminum body.

The Redmi Note 4X is not as curved in the back as in the front making it less slippery. The speaker that comes at the bottom is divided into 2 different grills for making it symmetrical. However, do not mistake it for dual speakers. The micro-USB port symmetrically divides the single speakers that have shifted to the bottom from the rear. The display is 5.5 inches full HD, and the Android touch buttons positioned below the screen. The curved glass makes it easier on the eyes. Unlike in the Redmi Note 3, the secondary camera, sensor and the earpiece are symmetrical visibly now. The ear piece is a long dash and comes in between the front cam and the proximity sensor that are symmetrically circularly shaped.

The other significant differences are in the positioning of headphone port, mic and IR blaster. However, the power button, volume adjuster, and the SIM Trays retain their position, which is convenient for the users.

Users can enjoy the popular Xiaomi features like reading mode, toggle double tap and color temperature adjustment in the new phone. The display is much better and has improved color accuracy than in other Xiaomi phones along with one of the best IPS panels from the brand till date. Even though nothing has majorly altered, small changes have definitely contributed to the massive improvement that attracts its users.

Hardware and performance

The specifications of the phone are excellent for the price range. The Redmi Note 4X launched in China and other countries featuring Snapdragon 625 SoC chipset. The technology also helps with temperature management, and it was successful in maintaining customer’s expectations. It also features Deca Core technology that again boosts the overall performance. The chipset offers high efficiency and helps you with doing everyday tasks without any delay. It is the high-end smartphone, and the 4 GB RAM also contributes towards multi-tasking.

The Smartphone has 4G lite, IR sensor, GPS, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth 4.1, GLONASS and micro USB port for both charging and data transfer. However, it lacks NFC but again it is not a necessity in some countries. The Redmi Note 4X actually takes a few minutes during the initial set up, but it picks up the pace from there on.

Like in its predecessor, it has a second space where you can easily create a second home space and easily navigate between the two. You can also use it in guest mode whenever somebody asks for the phone to check it out. It is just convenient for the purpose, as it does not allow people access to any data accidently, once you keep it in guest mode. If you want to transfer any data like contacts or pictures, you have to import it separately. Additionally, the phone also has a light mode where the icons appear enlarged and everything will display in a manner that is easy to operate.

The Redmi Note 4X comes with 4GB of RAM, but it is interesting that they started offering 64 GB of internal memory instead of offering a 16 or 32 GB variant. With the increased digital influence in the world, it is definitely a wise move by Xiaomi. In addition, there are absolutely no issues such as overheating, and the phone manages well to stay cool when intensive games are running. The phone also supports huge amounts of Mod APK files that you can’t ignore.

Software and Android specifications

The Redmi Note 4X features Xiaomi’s biggest release MIUI8 that runs on the OS Android Nougat. Xiaomi has already announced that the Nougat will be featuring in a few months. MIUI8 is very light UI and has a lot of exciting features and upgrades. The skin comes in vibrant colors and interactive animations.  You can view the animation on the weather notification section where it displays several solid colors according to change in temperature. The WI-FI toggle also turns it look once you connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network. Dual apps are another feature that has retained from its predecessor that allows users to run two copies of any applications. For example, you can have two different WhatsApp accounts on your phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Another interesting feature is the scrolling screenshots that allows users to take screenshots from various screens. You can also easily share along with an article in a single image rather than taking multiple screenshots of a long page. Quick ball is again a new nifty feature that makes screenshot capturing and returning to home screen easily by single thumb swipe.  You can access it from the lockscreen, and you can customize them.

The MIUI8 skin has also brought significant changes to the gallery where quick sharing controls, video editor, and doodle, etc., you can find. It is also the first OS to support T9 Hindi search. It also features a new addition where MIUI8 will show an automatic option of “recharge now” whenever you get a low balance alert message from your telecom service provider. Other features are updated calculator app featuring currency conversions and new inbuilt ringtones. The new power saving mode for battery preservation, one-handed mode, caller ID info for SMS are a few other new features of MIUI8. The one-handed mode is very useful in terms of software features where users can shrink down the display up to 3.5 inches just be a hand gesture.

However, setting up the phone is not that hassle free as there are no ways to restore settings or applications. Users have to install applications individually by accessing the play store. Most of the user-friendly settings present in other Android phones are missing in Redmi Note 4X like enabling application installation outside the store. You have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources manually by making changes in privacy settings.

Lock screen notifications are also not up to the mark as there is no Facebook or Hangout message displayed on the lockscreen. The Redmi Note 4X does not come with some of the standard Google applications, as anyone would expect from an Android Smartphone. Although there are no Google apps, Xiaomi has its own applications to substitute some of the Google apps. It is easy to install Google Play Store after creating a Mi account; however, it takes around half an hour to register your Google account on the phone. You have to wait in order to start downloading apps from the store. It is highly recommended to download the Google keyboard as there are Chinese characters on the standard version that can confuse you.

In short, MIUI has a significant positive impact on the Android OS, but you will be able to differentiate it if you have been using any of the Xiaomi phones earlier.

Camera and video

The Redmi Note 4X features a 13 MP CMOS rear camera that can record videos at full HD and clear pictures. It has phase detection autofocus along with f/20 aperture. The front camera is 5 MP and is capable of recording videos of 720 HD resolutions. The rear camera has a larger pixel area than other Xiaomi phones. The front cam also comes with a wide-angle lens that offers a field view of 85 degrees. The dual tone LED flash at the back helps in lifting up your photos during low light conditions. The MIUI8 skin helps in taking pictures without any delay. The interface contains several features in both manual and automatic mode. However, there are not many tweaks to customize your photos apart from some basic filters and settings. If you are a beginner and just want to basic pictures and videos, this may not be a problem for you.

Like in Redmi Note 3, pictures taken in low light conditions are less accurate in Redmi Note 4X as well. The pictures clicked during insufficient light shall not have the required detailing and crispness is a disadvantage many have pointed out. However, the pictures and videos taken in well-lit conditions are absolutely great enough to surprise you. The autofocus phase detection feature is also excellent as it takes very less time to focus objects. The front camera is also good at taking a good selfie if you have the excellent light condition. Whenever you are shooting close up objects, the background shall have the in-depth display, but there is a lot of room for improvement over the color performance. The video quality is also good where you will be able to shoot videos at full HD resolution.

Compared to Redmi Note 3, the camera displays a slight improvement since it is using a separate sensor for the purpose. Considering the price, the detailings provided by both front and rear cameras are pretty good. ‘Tilt-shift’ is another great mode in Redmi Note 4X that is also present in the previous model. It produces a faux blur effect in background omitting the circular zone which you choose. That means, expect the area that you choose, rest of the picture would be blurred out using software. These kinds of pictures give an effect of what smartphones with dual cameras or DSRL’s give you.

Android OS specifications

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is running on Android OS, v7.0, Nougat. The phone comes preinstalled with MIUI OS based on Android Nougat. In the coming months, the OS version will be upgrading to Android Nougat v7.1.2. You can easily upgrade by clicking on the “about phone” option that s available under settings to upgrade to the next version. You will get notifications whenever new system updates are available.

USB Type C support is one thing that is promptly supporting by Nougat, but unfortunately, Redmi Note 4X does not feature Type C USB. Google tab customization is another great feature that is made easier with Nougat. It is now easier for developers to integrate third party apps into Google Chrome. You do not have to switch application when you are browsing the web as you get a seamless browsing experience. System user interface, improved copy, and pasting are some of the other features that have incorporated with improved features with the new OS.


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X features a 4100 mAh battery that is a bit larger and better than its previous model Redmi Note 3. It manages to offer great battery life because of Snapdragon 625 14nm mode. Once fully charged, it will easily last for an entire day even if you use it heavily.

The incredibly powerful chipset complements for the better performance, and its performance will never compromise when the battery level goes down. The battery performance is better than that of Redmi Note 3 obviously for the larger value. When compared to the battery-oriented smartphone Lenovo P2, Redmi Note 4X does an excellent job, as its price is considerably low.

You will get 2 days straight from the phone if you are using in at a medium level with a few hours of watching videos, music and Internet browsing. The major downside of the battery is its slow charging that comes up to the only 5V/2A. The Xiaomi Redmi Note4 takes around 2 hours to get fully charged which is not very pleasant.

Storage, Screen, and other specifications

There is nothing to complain about the storage options as there are 2 variants and the base variant features 32GB storage instead of 16GB. Another delight is that all of them are expandable up to 256GB. If you see any significant changes in the Redmi Note 4X than its previous model, it is in the area of specs.

The significant change in the SoC as the chipset is Snapdragon 653 SoC. In the Chinese version of the phone, it seems like an upgrade from the MediaTek Helio X10 SoC chipset. The Deca-core chipset gives better performance, and when paired with Mali T880 Graphics, it becomes an excellent combination.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

It also features a 5.5-inch, 1080Pi full HD display with IPS LCD screen. It is a good performing screen with 401 PPI pixel density. The screen is pretty bright and vivid and clearly visible even if you are out in sunlight. However, it lacks sharpness and accuracy in terms of color at times. There are no issues with the screen, and the LCD screen offers exceptional brightness and gives you excellent viewing angles.

Samsung was the only company that had released their Android phones in different colors, now Xiaomi is also on the list. It has launched Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X in both Black Pearl and Blue coral colors. Previously the phones were available in silver, gold and gray colors.

Why should you buy it?

Here are the compelling reasons on why should you get yourself a Redmi Note 4X right now.

The design and display

The Redmi Note 4X is not a significant upgrade over its predecessor, but in terms of looks and design, it is a completely renewed model. The build quality of the phone is commendable and it sturdy and safe as well. The design and look are not revolutionary, but incredible considering the price range. The display is also great along with the contoured 2.5D curved glass. The device seems pretty clear and crisp even when viewed from the side angles. The screen is also pretty great, and you will enjoy watching movies, TV shows and reading eBooks.

The phone looks pretty elegant and premium while its predecessor just had that dull industrial look. The rough edges in the previous models have a smooth finishing in Redmi Note 4X. It is much slimmer although it weighs 165 grams at 8.3 m.

Great Processor and Great performance

The MediaTek Helio X20 Deca-coreSoC processor is the chipset of Redmi Note 4X, and it performs pretty well. Some of the intense games work great on the phone, all thanks to the super powerful processor. The combo of the processor along with Mali-T880 MP4 graphical user interface is stunning and results in the improved performance and reduces the battery usage. Now you know why the phone is great at handling heavy task such as intensive game support.  Further, the MiUI 8 user interface is also good, and it comes with many cool features. The phone also does not overheat even after intensive usage.

Software you can play with

The phone runs on Android 7.0.1 or Nougat along with Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 user interface featuring some of the unique features. The new skin is cool and colorful with some good customization options for the users. The second space and dual app functionalities are unique and excellent. It also comes with a built-in FM radio that many phones tend to leave out.

Great camera in well-lit conditions

For the price you pay, the camera you get is awesome provided that you take pictures in daytime. If the lighting is good, you would just adore the camera performance. The auto-focus phase detection is bliss and other features like filters, tilt-shift, and audio in photos are worth mentioning. The camera is fast and gives you crisp picture in good lighting with higher accuracy.

IR Blaster and VR

The Redmi Note 4X also comes with an Infrared blaster like Redmi Note 3, and it is excellent. An IR blaster makes your phone acts as a remote and helps in controlling devices like TV, DVD player and other devices that work with a remote. In simple words, it means that instead of a remote, you can use your smartphone to control the compatible devices. You virtually can control any electronic device with your phone with the help of infrared signals. The infrared signal that emits from the IR blaster comes with a particular patterned code that another compatible device can recognize. The Redmi Note 4X is also compatible with virtual reality or VR. You can easily enjoy the VR experience by downloading applications that support it.

Good battery life

Battery life has always been an issue with most of the Android phones, and Xiaomi addressed this issue and tried to rectify it with its very first smartphone itself. The Redmi Note 4X also possesses incredible battery life with a 4,100 mAh battery. It literally translates to a battery that is significantly larger than that of an iPhone 7. The phone lasts up to 2 days if fully charged and with a medium usage. You never use to worry about the phone getting dead in the midst of an exciting game or a movie.

Great value for money

The phone is offering in two different variants by a large storage option, good camera, and a great battery, and above all, it has a great premium look, priced economically meeting the mid-segment market expectations.

Why shouldn’t you buy it?

Type C USB missing

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X comes with 4100mAh battery, which is great, but it does not support fast charging. It literally takes a couple of hours for complete charging. So it is up to you to decide whether you are okay with the phone charging slowly or not. It has a micro UDNB port, but it does not have a Type-C port. The Type C USB is reversible and can easily connect to a charger or a laptop via any side. Generally, phones that feature type C UBS charges much faster. You can find this sort of feature in Coolpad Cool1, Lenovo Zuk Z1, and LeEco Le2 but are expensive than Redmi Note 4X.

Not so great camera

The 13 MP camera of Redmi Note 4X performs pretty well, and the stunning autofocus phase detection feature is also up to the mark. However, these things come true only when the lighting is great. The camera fails to perform well in low light conditions. Although it has a night mode and a flash, the results are not yet exciting. The pictures clicked in low light don’t do any justice and lacks sharpness and has a lot of noise which is annoying. Lack of Optical image stabilizations is also a downside of the device. Looking to the video features, it still does not have a 4k support like in its predecessor. However, you will be able to get 4k support using some third party application, and it gives some hope to the future.

Another downside of the camera is that it is not a dual one. Smartphones are astounding these days, and they have almost replaced DSLR at least among a small percentage of users. In that case, a dual camera has become a necessity, and it seems like Redmi Note 4X is missing it.

No NFC feature

NFC which is a very essential and important feature is not for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. It is a bit disappointing as NFC is available in all mid-range smartphones. NFC or Near field communication is basically a high frequency, short range wireless technology that helps in data transfer between devices that are at a 10cm distance. NFC offers certain advantages over Bluetooth like the ease of connection establishment.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

NFC also works even if any one of the phones is switched off.  Some locations accept NCF payment, so it is slightly disappointing.

No dual speaker

The USB port divides the speaker in the phone into 2 grids, but there is only a single speaker. Users mistake it for dual speaker and complain that one of them is not working which is not right. The phone only has a speaker, and the other one is a MIC.

Hybrid SIM slot

The Redmi Note 4X features an extra hybrid SIM slot where you can put either a SIM card or an external card. Users who want to use dual SIM has to compromise on expanding the storage if they want to put two SIMS or vice versa. The only advantage of Hybrid SIM slots is it saves a lot of space and helps manufacturers to design the phone by giving a slimmer look and feel. The downside is that it limits the functionality of the phone. It simply means that you can either use your phone as a dual SIM smartphone or expand the storage by putting the external card on, but cannot enjoy both. There are a few hacks which make it possible for you to put 2 SIMs and an external memory card in the Hybrid slot. However, we discourage people going for this option, as it may damage your SIM card permanently or your smartphone.


The Redmi Note 4X is nothing much different from Redmi Note 3, but it features had several small changes that lead to a significant impact. The subtle differences, mainly in the design and overall appeal make the phone a premium choice over other budget smartphones. The built quality, screen, and certain other features remain same. Small improvements in camera interface, processor, and battery are just right improvements that are necessary for an upgrade. Although the phone has a premium look, it looks like most of the other Chinese phone like Gieonee and LeEco.

If you are looking out for a budget smartphone that yet has great features, it is better not to leave out Redmi Note 4X. With small shortcoming and several unique features for the attractive price, you absolutely should go for this phone. If you feel okay with the looks of Redmi Note 3 and less storage, it will be sufficient to meet your needs. The Redmi Note 4X seems to be a great buy considering the looks and storage options, but the absence of Google PlayStore support may disappoint some of the users.


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is a complete upgrade phone over its previous model. However, it does not offer much to differentiate it from the ongoing competition in the smartphone market. The great thing about the Redmi Note 4X is its launching time. Its introduction timing was perfect as it was able to enjoy the benefits of appreciation its predecessor Redmi Note 3 has been receiving in the market.  Another important aspect is the pricing.  The two variants offer in the market with slight price differences, which seduce the buyers to go for the highest specification.

As per the market opinion, and available market statistics, Redmi Note 4X does not have to stay in the shadow of Redmi Note 3.  The sales in China and Indian markets are very much promising. The phone has all the essential sensibility required for average segment users, such as design, screen quality, battery life, performance and bundles of features for a very affordable price.